What is a LeaderShift?

John Maxwell defines it as follows: 

“The ability and willingness to make a leadership change to existing beliefs, thoughts, and habits that will positively enhance organizational and personal growth.”

Why LeaderShift For Women? 

The complexities of today’s world, including faster place and rapid change, create unique challenges in all areas of growth and development — gender roles and norms are no exception. While so much of leadership is universal, the fact that there are unique challenges specific to women can’t be ignored.
That why – for the first time – we’re having a one-day public event for women only!

What are Some of the Challenges Specific to Women?

One of the biggest challenges for women in leadership today is balancing work and family, and the expectations that come with each. Many women find themselves in the “sandwich generation,” where they are both raising children and caring for aging parents. 

A study by the American Psychology Association showed that stress levels among women are higher than they’ve ever been, with the tension between demanding careers and personal lives being the main contributor. For high-achieving female leaders, the stats are even more startling. While they are a valuable asset to any team, they are also 2.5 times as likely to be negatively impacted by stress. This, paired with the judgment that comes from pursuing professional ambitions while balancing a family or forgoing your personal life altogether to advance your career, creates a genuine problem.

How Does Vulnerability Impact Women and Their Leadership?

Several qualities are typically inherent in women: empathy, collaboration, and vulnerability. Historically, and even now, in some cases, these qualities are seen as “weak.” But there’s a shift happening that shows us that these traits are, in fact, great leadership strengths. Instead of women fighting against the tendency, it’s more impactful to lean in and bring an authentic holistic leader to the table.   

In our most recent podcast episode, we spoke with acclaimed author, international speaker, and coach with The John Maxwell Company Stacey Speller about some of the “Leadershifts” she and Sharon Pflieger will be addressing in their upcoming LeaderShift for Women workshop this March. 


Get your tickets now! (Atlanta 3/12)

Leadershifts for Women:

1) The COURAGE SHIFT (From Default to Design) 

We often find ourselves living our lives by default – going through the motions, just trying to survive. But when we take a step back and look holistically at our lives, we typically discover there is a lot we’re doing/being, etc. that isn’t aligned with our authentic selves. And when we begin to really look at how we’re living our lives, we can identify those things that no longer serve us.

2) The PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT shift (Goals to Growth) 

We live in a “doing” world. Like we’re all human “doings,” and we’ve forgotten the keyword “being.” We exhaust ourselves with goals and tasks, but oftentimes those things are just an outward display of us chasing. Chasing happiness, chasing significance, chasing acceptance…When we shift from a goal-oriented mindset to growth, it frees us to be more intentional about who we are becoming, who we want to become. We’ve been conditioned to operate from an If/Then mindset. IF I lose weight, THEN I’ll be happy IF I get this promotion, THEN I will be successful, etc. But there’s always another IF/THEN we latch on to. Focusing on growth – becoming more of who we truly are and who we want to be, fuels us instead of drains us. It helps us shift from surviving to thriving.

3) The PASSION SHIFT (Career to Calling)

This is a big one. So many of us have a career, but we forget about what calls us, and we make the mistake of thinking that if our current career “box” doesn’t have the elements of our calling, that we should give up on our calling. But when you get clear about your calling/purpose – you show can show up every day, in every situation or job and still operate from your most profound purpose/calling. Getting really clear on what ignites passion in us, what lights us on fire, is the first step to figuring out how we can lead from this place of passion.  

4) The CONFIDENCE SHIFT (Imposter to Authentic)

Wow, this is a big one. And probably one of the biggest challenges we see women struggle with. If you think about the generations before us – society told them their job was to be caregivers, to support their man, to put aside their interests/passions to be of service to others.

So, as daughters of these previous generations, we are pioneers in a sense, being in corporate/in the business world. Having careers AND raising children, breaking down barriers that have existed for decades. It’s understandable that we may lack confidence. So much of what women are navigating in today’s world just hasn’t been done before. 

5) The COMMUNICATION SHIFT (Directing to Connecting)

This is a really powerful shift that we’re excited about diving into. The ability to connect with others is a superpower for women, we’re naturally wired for connection, for community.

Yet somehow, as leaders, we tend to isolate because perhaps we are in male-dominated industries, or we aren’t sure how to lean into connection. What we’ll focus on here is to bring out that superpower and lead in a way that connects others.

6) The RELATIONAL SHIFT (People Pleasing to Confident Leader) 

We could probably spend a whole day on this one alone. At the heart of this shift is “Boundaries.” And something we as women haven’t been taught how to do effectively. But for women to step into their greatness as leaders, learning how to have boundaries is critical.

LeaderShift for Women provides the roadmap for women who want to enhance and accelerate their leadership acumen by growing beyond business as usual. It’s a fantastic opportunity to have the benefit of John’s time-tested solid leadership principles coupled with extensive research and real-life experiences to equip women for 21st-century leadership.

Get your tickets now! (Atlanta 3/12)