About this workshop

This experience equips leaders to achieve effective, day-to-day interactions that shape the culture of an organization.

Communication only happens within a larger context in business—culture. If your team
doesn’t know the context, and why it matters, they’ll struggle to communicate and never fully
understand why.

Accidental cultures result from accidental communication. After all, culture is built on relationships.
Relationships are built on interactions. By intentionally understanding what culture is and the
4 Dimensions of Culture, the people in your organization can shape the culture you want
through meaningful interactions.

This full-day experience equips participants with key Communication Essentials. It guides them
through understanding the cultural dimensions, evaluating communication scenarios in context,
and using the 4D Communication Planner.

Workshop Objectives


Understand How Communication Shapes Culture

• Culture happens by design or by default
• Shaped by how people Think, Act, and Interact
• Interactions form the foundation for culture


Learn the Four Dimensions of Culture

• Complacent: The negative dimension to avoid
• Compliant: Driven by process and procedure
• Community: Driven by production and achieving goals
• Courageous: Driven by a shared purpose


Master the Essentials of Communication

• Grasp the value of communicating intentionally
• See how different perspectives shape communication
• Connect with people in relationships to smooth communication pathways
• Re-tool the mechanics of verbal and nonverbal communication
• Ask great questions
• Listen actively


Communication in the 4D Culture Context

• Purpose of the Communication
• Personality of the Dimension
• Paths to Motivation and Demotivation
• Pitfalls to Avoid

Workshop Agenda 


Module 1: The Communication Challenge

• Culture: The Most Important Thing
• What is Culture?
• The 4D Culture
• Culture Creation Secret
• Case Story

Module 2: Communication Essentials

• Essential 1: Purpose
• Essential 2: Perspective
• Essential 3: Relationships
• Essential 4: Mechanics
• Essential 5: Questions
• Essential 6: Listening

Module 3: Communication in Context

• Complacent Communication
• Compliant Communication
Hands-On Scenarios and Planner Training
• Committed Communication
Hands-On Scenarios and Planner Training
• Courageous Communication
Hands-On Scenarios and Planner Training

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