Leadershift for Women, workshops and coaching, provides a roadmap for women who want to enhance and accelerate their leadership acumen by growing beyond business as usual. These offerings have the benefit of John Maxwell’s time-tested solid leadership principles coupled with extensive research and real-life experiences to equip women for 21st-century leadership. 

Why Leadershift For Women? 

John Maxwell defines a Leadershift this way, “The ability and willingness to make a leadership change to existing beliefs, thoughts, and habits that will positively enhance organizational and personal growth.”

The complexities of today’s world, including faster pace, rapid change, and uncertain times, create unique challenges in all areas of growth and development — gender roles and norms are no exception. While so much of leadership is universal, the fact that there are unique challenges specific to women can’t be ignored.

What Are Some of the Challenges Specific to Women?

One of the biggest challenges for women in leadership today is balancing work and family, and the expectations that come with each. Many women find themselves in the “sandwich generation,” where they are both raising children and caring for aging parents. 

A study by the American Psychology Association showed that women’s stress levels are higher than they’ve ever been, with the tension between demanding careers and personal lives being the main contributor.

For high-achieving female leaders, the stats are even more startling. While they are an asset to any team, they are also 2.5 times as likely to be negatively impacted by stress. This, paired with the judgment that comes from pursuing professional ambitions while balancing a family or forgoing your personal life altogether to advance your career, creates a genuine problem.

How Does Vulnerability Impact Women and Their Leadership?

Several qualities are typically inherent in women: empathy, collaboration, and vulnerability. Historically, and even now, in some cases, these qualities are considered a weakness. But there’s a shift happening that reveals these traits are, in fact, great leadership strengths. Instead of women fighting against the tendency, it’s more impactful to lean in and bring an authentic holistic leader to the table.  

Here are some of the Leadershift principles we address in our workshops and coaching:

  • The COURAGE SHIFT (From Default to Design) 
  • The PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Shift (Goals to Growth) 
  • The PASSION SHIFT (Career to Calling)
  • The CONFIDENCE SHIFT (Imposter to Authentic)
  • The COMMUNICATION SHIFT (Directing to Connecting)
  • The RELATIONAL SHIFT (People Pleasing to Confident Leader)