About this workshop

Based on John C. Maxwell’s No. 1 international bestseller, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The John Maxwell Company presents Living the Laws of Leadership- a TWO-DAY Interactive Experience designed to provide you with the practical tools you need to address leadership challenges you encounter each and every day.

The Problem: Sustainability and expansion are necessary for survival in today’s marketplace. As companies chart the course for growth, forecasts are presented, vision is cast, expectations set and execution begins. What was sold as an exciting new frontier spirals quickly into a manager-upon-manager, tier-by-tier squeeze for RESULTS. Though results drive the sustainable expansion all organizations seek, there is an energizing path to achieving them without the toxic pressure.

The Solution: Living the Laws of Leadership provides a direct pathway to achieving desired results by establishing reproducible leadership behaviors based on the time-tested 21 Laws.

  • Distinguish and cultivate your leadership style
  • Assess leadership strengths and weaknesses from several vantage points
  • Discover and display the qualities effective leaders possess


  • Develop an understanding of the Four Leadership Disciplines and behaviors associated with each
  • Discover intrinsic motivators for those you lead and how to leverage them to increase results
  • Understand the key building blocks of trust
  • Identify ways to improve leadership ability by incorporating The 21 Laws
  • Determine personal action steps to integrate The 21 Laws into day-to-day activities
  • Develop and practice the behaviors required to effectively lead yourself and others
  • Incorporate the 5-step equipping process to mentor high potentials on your team

Who is this training for?

  • First-time leaders in search of a well-rounded and applicable philosophy of leadership
  • Established leaders in need of improvement in specific leadership skills
  • Potential leaders in need of preparation for a future leadership position


  • Section 1: Introduction to Living the Laws of Leadership
    • Workshop Objectives
    • Leadership Growth Areas (and their synergy with The 5 Levels of Leadership Model)
  • Section 2: I’m A Guide
    • Management Philosophy VS. Leadership Philosophy
      • Developing Leadership Effectiveness
        • Pyramid of Maximum Impact
    • The Law of Influence
      • Activity: The Case of Joan Weatherby
    • The Law of Respect
    • The Law of Magnetism
      • Creating Your Leadership CORE
      • Activity: 21 Qualities Assessment
      • The Law of Process
    • The Law of Sacrifice
      • Section 2 Recap and Key Takeaways
        • Leadership Action Plan
  • Section 3: I’m A Partner
    • Activity: Water Trust
    • The Law of Solid Ground
      • The Building Blocks of Trust
      • Integrity
        • Activity: Defining Integrity
      • Authenticity Assessment
    • The Law of Buy-In
    • The Law of Connection
        • Activity: The Case of Dell & Rollins
        • Self-Discovery Assessment
      • The 7 Styles of Leadership
    • The Law of Addition
      • Relationship Assessment:
      • Activity Part 1: Relationship Quality
      • Activity Part 2: Personal Knowledge
      • Activity: My Leadership Crest
    • Section 3 Recap and Key Takeaways
      • Leadership Action Plan
    • Day 1 Wrap-up
  • Section 4: I’m a Results Champion
    • The Law of Victory
    • The Law of Navigation
      • Activity: Leadership Gaps Assessment/ Debrief
    • The Law of Intuition
    • The Law of the Lid
    • The Law of Priorities
      • The Time- Results Paradox
      • The 80/20 Principle
        • Activity: Relationship Math
        • Application: Plot Activity Results to The 4 Quadrants of Time Management
    • The Law of Timing
    • The Law of Empowerment
      • Empowerment Barriers Checklist
    • The Law of The Big MO
        • Activity: What motivates you?
      • Section 4 Recap and Key Takeaways
        • Leadership Action Plan
  • Section 5: I’m A Leader- Maker
    • Activity: A Sequence of Events
    • The Law of The Inner Circle
      • The Five-Step Equipping Process
        • Activity: Raising the Lid/ Debrief
    • The Law of The Picture
      • Moving from Mentorship to Apprenticeship
      • Empowerment Execution
    • The Law of Explosive Growth
      • Section 5 Recap and Key Takeaways
        • Leadership Action Plan
  • Section 6: Creating a Leadership Legacy
    • The Law of Legacy
      • The Five Levels of Leadership Framework
      • Questions and Debrief
      • Shaping or Re-shaping Your Legacy
        • Activity: Create Your Leadership CORE Postcard
      • Section 6 Recap and Key Takeaways
        • Finalize Leadership Action Plan
      • Day 2 Wrap-up

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