Leadership is the influence you have with others and not a position or title you possess. The fastest way to increase your influence is by connecting with the people on your team. Great connecters know that the power in connecting comes when you communicate with someone else about them, not about you. 

In this week’s video, John Maxwell explains to Chris Goede the importance of leaders being great connectors and learning to focus on finding common ground with the people they lead. When a leader can stop directing and start connecting, they increase their team’s engagement and performance.

Curiosity is an often-overlooked leadership competency that great connecters use. When I am curious, I ask questions. When I ask questions, I listen to the answers. When I listen to the answers, I learn about you. When I am learning about you, I can search for common ground that will help me to connect with you on a much deeper level.

When you have a solid connection with the people on your team, you can take your communication with them to a much higher level. Even when there are difficult conversations that must occur, the connection you have with people will allow you to execute those conversations positively and proactively.

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