It’s tempting for a leader to invest time developing a strategy for the organization and not think much about the culture that will drive the strategy. In this video, Chris Goede talks with John Maxwell about the importance of intentionally designing a culture that produces the behaviors needed to take your organization where you want it to go. 

A strategy is where you are going. Culture is what you are doing. Great leaders know that the actions and behaviors of the organization will determine where you are going. John often teaches that culture eats strategy for lunch. So, how does a leader design a culture that supports its customer-centric strategy? John teaches that you must teach your team what it means to P.A.R.T.N.E.R.

P – Put the other person’s agenda above your own

A – Add value every day to the other person

R – Resource the other person with ideas, networking, and other tools and resources

T – Tailor everything you do to meet the unique needs of others

N – Never violate the trust of others

E – Exceed every expectation

R – Respect the relationship

You don’t design a winning culture in a day; it occurs day-by-day when you communicate and reward the required behaviors for going where you want the organization to go.

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