Have you ever thought you needed to set a goal to pursue a specific outcome, but the goal was so big you felt the need to wait until the timing was more appropriate? In this video, Chris Goede hears from John Maxwell Company CEO Mark Cole about a culture that promotes starting today, no matter how small the step you take.

Results Driven

Every leader feels the urgency of delivering results to the organization. The daily pull of urgent and important activities can consume you completely. However, what about the not urgent, but important activities of designing a culture that invests in your people so they can better deliver the desired outcomes.

Mark Cole describes a culture where you have a common language, common beliefs, and common behaviors that drive momentum, performance, and engagement. When you have a culture like this, you have people who attract clients’ attention and attract other high performing people.

Let Consistency Be Your Friend

Most leaders are great at setting big goals that lead to an improved future. However, these goals can sometimes seem so big that the time never seems right to get started. Try this; break your big goal into smaller goals that can be worked on daily. Decide the small, seemingly insignificant steps you could take daily, and then let consistency be your friend. Small things, done daily, consistently, over time, will deliver the remarkable results you hoped to achieve.

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