10 Questions to Move You From Success to Significance

Almost everyone I speak with tells me of the success they have had in these trying times. Business is up, and sales are brisk, money is coming in. By all indications, we are very successful. As many look to the future, they are asking, “what’s next?” Is success enough? What if you could move past success and do something significant?

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Can Leaders Delegate Decision Making?

There are many reasons that leaders don’t want people on their teams making decisions, and most of those reasons center around the feeling of losing control if you share control. I think it is important to remember that you, the leader, are ultimately accountable for the decisions made on your team.

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Are You a “From” or a “FOR” Kind of Leader?

The facilitator asked the class, what is it you want from the people on your team? As I considered his question and began to write, the facilitator interrupted my thought process by asking a question that would forever change my leadership mindset; “Don’t you want things FOR your team, not FROM your team?”

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